The sun never sets on the reign of a great classic like the cameo that still manages to excite giving each woman a completely new and intense charm.

Anna Porcu's creations are pure light, that which comes to us, so warm and intense from the past and the bewitching and evocative one from the present.

From their meeting jewels that are authentic works of art are born, timeless cameos, projected into the future because able to blend tradition and innovation to perfection thanks to an innate and effervescent creativity that make Anna Porcu one of the most interesting artists in the panorama of Made in Italy contemporary and Made in Tuscany, in particular.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow: the cameos of Anna Porcu are beyond the constraining dimension of Time because, authentically emotional, they are storytellers perfectly able to always tell something extraordinarily new on an accessory that is used to connect to times long gone and left for always.

But no, this is the magic of artist Anna Porcu, his knowledge to stop the encroachment of time inexorable with its black hole to which all things are attracted like magnets.

It all started thanks to a happy intuition felt by chance by combining one day a piece of leather with a pretty cameo in the elegant family antiques shop. And for Anna Porcu it was a real love at first sight: that juxtaposition with bohemian chic allure and decidedly rock appeal because stylistically desecrating, irreverent and iconoclastic, it immediately encouraged her to create the first iconic pieces that soon met the favor of a cultured clientele who is always looking for a luxury accessory where craftsmanship, the absolute originality of design and the love for art that has always been breathed in Tuscany is immediately evident.

The works of Anna Porcu, in fact, are unique in the world not only because each collection is made up exclusively of one-of-a-kind pieces, also made at the express request of the client, but above all because they are authentic works of art, sculptures of bewitching beauty, to be carried as a symbol of an ideal of beauty and refinement still possible in this world of ours.

Among her proposals for sale, in fact, there are many different figures engraved on original nineteenth-century cameos found by Anna Porcu while traveling all over the world. The types and nuances of the leather are many as well. This is because they must satisfy the demands of a demanding international clientele with very personal and peculiar tastes.

Fully aware of all the potential of high-end craftsmanship, Anna Porcu is a tout court artist who, to give life to her personal aesthetic imagination, chose cameos, jewels of rare elegance in which she was able to see the seed of 'eternity.

It is this seed that Anna Porcu manages with great savoir faire to nourish and make fruitful every day, through works of contemporary and cosmopolitan beauty.

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